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04/2016 Our work has been well received in the press:,, Optics & Photonics News, EE Times.

04/2016 Roman Bruck's experimental demonstration of ultrafast routing of light for reconfigurable silicon photonics has resulted in a publication in Optica.

01/2016 The Horizon 2020 project METAREFLECTOR aims at developing a radically new technology to produce Optical Solar Reflectors (OSRs) and to govern the thermo-optical properties of the interface between the spacecraft and the space environment. The Southampton team collaborates with Consorzio CREO, NILT technologies and Thales-Alenia space.

01/2016 The joint project between Southampton and Surrey by PhD student Andre Uttgenant has resulted in a publication on infrared-assisted assembly of hybrid plasmonic-photonic crystals appearing inACS Nano.

10/2015 The collaborative project with Arnaud Arbouet in Toulouse on second harmonic generation in single plasmonic nanoantennas has resulted in a publication in ACS Photonics.

09/2015 Our publication investigating the mode structure of high-index semiconductor nanowires was published in Optics Express.

08/2015 The Complex Nanophotonics Science Camp 2.0 was a great success. Over 50 early career researchers, along with several invited senior speakers and panelists mixed in the stimulating setting of the Cumberland Lodge.

05/2015 Extremely compact ITO metamaterials are presented in our latest publication appearing in ACS Photonics .

05/2015 We have shown continuous tuning over the entire free spectral range of ring resonators, results appearing in Optics Express.

03/2015 Our collaborative work with Antonios Kanaras and Tim Millar on synergistic effects of laser irradiation and biological activity of gold nanoparticles in angiogenesis has appeared in Biomaterials Science.

02/2015 DNA biosensors exploiting the quenching of upconversion nanoparticles by graphene oxide, in a collaboration with the groups of Antonios Kanaras and Jorge Rubio-Retama.

11/2014 The work by Roman Bruck on ultrafast photomodulation spectroscopy has appeared in Nature Photonics, see here for a press release.

10/2014 Our joint collaboration on nanoparticle penetration through skin has been covered by several news items, e.g. see Pharmanews, Science Daily.

10/2014 Anouska Partner, Jack Deare, Josh Pooley, Nathaniel Scott and Samuel Snell have started their MPhys research projects in our group.

10/2014 We welcome two new postgraduate researchers: Rebecca French will work on a joint PhD project on complex media with Sylvain Gigan at LKB-ENS in Paris; Marilena Kyriazi is involved in a collaboration with the Laboratory for Inorganic Nanoparticles and Applications on exploiting DNA and nanoparticles.

09/2014 Ultrafast dephasing and revival of a shaped wavefront using femtosecond pulsed laser excitation is possible, as shown in our publication in Light, Science & Applications.

09/2014 Our work on hotspot-mediated ultrafast control of multifrequency plasmonic antennas has appeared in Nature Communications.

07/2014 A press release of our work on helium ion beam milling for plasmonic nanoantennas has appeared in SPIE Newsroom, a PDF version is also available.

05/2014 A press release of our work has been written by

05/2014 Our first results of the UK-France DSTL collaboration with Arnaud Arbouet on polarization conversion antennas for metasurfaces have appeared in ACS Nano.

01/2014 Martina and Yudong's work on infrared spectroscopy and molecular fingerprinting using metal oxide plasmonic antennas has appeared in Nano Letters.

11/2013 Our numerical simulation results on the integration of nanoantennas on top of silicon photonic waveguides for coherent perfect absorption have appeared in Optics Express.

10/2013 Our work on Helium ion beam milling of plasmonic nanoantennas has appeared in Nano Letters.

10/2013 MPhys research students Amy Hearst, Charlie Martin, Henry Hughes, Laura Benn, and Rebecca French have started their projects in our group.

08/2013 The complex Nanophotonics Science Camp has been a great success. The camp took place at Cumberland lodge 27-30 August and was attended by an international mix of early career researchers, keynote scientists, editors, data artists and scientific communication experts.

07/2013 Undergraduate students Rebecca French and Liam Kiessling have started their summer internship projects in our group.

05/2013 Multidisciplinary research on functional nanoparticles in angiogenesis has appeared in ACS Nano.

04/2013 Press coverage of our work:
- Electronics Weekly
- Materials Today

04/2013 Transport of light through semiconductor nanowire mats is characterised by strong correlations and mesoscopic fluctuations, see our work in Nature Photonics.

03/2013 Our work on the epsilon-near-zero response of ITO layers has been published in Applied Physics Letters.

11/2012 Our collaborative project with Andre Utgenannt, Joe Keddie and Antonios Kanaras on nanoparticle assembly in evaporative lithography has resulted in a publication in Chemical Communications.

11/2012 Our work on hyperspectral single-particle microscopy has appeared in a special issue of Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics.

10/2012 Welcome to Leo-Jay Black, Roman Bruck, Simon Gregory and Dan Traviss who have joined our group.

08/2012 Our collaboration with the group of Stephen Mann in Bristol, on the plasmonic response of metal-filled protein crystals, has resulted in a publication in Advanced Functional Materials. Press coverage: Materials Views

08/2012 Our recent work on reciprocity breaking in random media has been covered by Nature Photonics News & Views .

06/2012 An interview with Martina Abb in Scientific American for the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting.

06/2012 Welcome to Holly Farnham, Tom Haskins, Ben Chichester and Alexander Wilcox, who have received summer bursaries to perform cutting-edge research in our group.

06/2012 Our work on asymmetric dimer nanoantennas has appeared in ACS Nano.

05/2012 Martina Abb has received a postgraduate student award at the Symposium on Control of Light at the Nanoscale at the EMRS Spring Meeting in Strassbourg.

04/2012 Our work on ultrafast reciprocity breaking in random media has appeared in Physical Review Letters.

04/2012 Otto Muskens has been awarded a prestigious 5-year research fellowship from EPSRC on the topic 'Complex nanophotonic and plasmonic networks for ultrafast optical devices'.

03/2012 The work of Marvin Schulz and Sabine Abb on self-assembly and plasmonic response of gold nanorods and branched nanoparticles has appeared in Langmuir.

01/2012 We are continuing our research on plasmonic nanoantennas with the support of a 3-year grant from EPSRC.

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