Dr Matt Himsworth RF-RAEng: Group Leader

Matt Himsworth

I started the group in January 2011 after receiving a prestigious research fellowship from the Royal Academy of Engineering and EPSRC to explore enabling technologies for integrated atom chips.

Previous to this I was a postdoc in the group of Axel Kuhn in Oxford working on atom-photon interactions, specifically tailored single photon sources from Cavity QED, slow and stored light in vapour cells and fast controllable dipole traps.

I was at Southampton from an undergraduate all the way to my first postdoc position, obtaining a PhD along the way, titled "Coherent Manipulation of Ultracold Rubidium", in the group of Tim Freegarde.


Research Interests

  • Laser cooling and trapping
  • Coherent atomic manipulation
  • Spectroscopy (specifically Rubidium)
  • Laser stabilization and control
  • Novel bonding methods
  • Planar and micro optics


Journal publications

  • M. Himsworth, P. Nisbet , J. Dilley , G. Langfahl-Klabes and A. Kuhn, EIT-based quantum memory for single photons from cavity-QED, Appl. Phys. B (2011) 103 pp579-589
  • James Bateman, Rich Murray, Matt Himsworth, Hamid Ohadi, André Xuereb and Tim Freegarde , Hänsch-Couillaud locking of Mach-Zehnder interferometer for carrier removal from a phase-modulated optical spectrum, J Opt Soc Am B 27 1530 (2010)
  • M. D. Himsworth and T. Freegarde, Rubidium pump-probe spectroscopy: comparison between ab-initio theory and experiment , Phys. Rev. A 81, 023423 (2010)
  • H. Ohadi, A. Xuereb, M. Himsworth and T. Freegarde, Magneto-optical trapping and background-free imaging of atoms near nanostructured surfaces, Optics Express, Vol. 17, Issue 25, pp. 23003-23009 (2009)

Conference talks

  • CAMEL6 Workshop 2010 (Varna, Bulgaria) Atom-Photon Interfaces for Quantum Networking

Conference publications

EMALI 2010 (Barcelona, Spain)

  • Towards single-photon quantum memories, G. Langfahl, M.D. Himsworth and A. Kuhn.
  • Manipulation of Ultracold Atom in Optical tweezers C. Muldoon, L. Brandt, E. Brainis, M.D. Himsworth and A. Kuhn
  • Single Photons Made to Measure, P. Nisbett, J. Dilley, M.D. Himsworth and A. Kuhn

Cavity-cooling of atoms, molecules and ions 2009 (Obergurgl, Austria)

  • Investigation of cold atoms near nanostructured surfaces, J Bateman, A Xuereb, H Ohadi, M Himsworth, R Murray and T Freegarde
  • Laser cooling and trapping of atoms and molecules using nano-structured surfaces, H Ohadi, J Bateman, M Himsworth, R Murray, A Xuereb, P Horak and T Freegarde
  • Coherent manipulation of rubidium: applications to all-optical molecular cooling, M Himsworth, J Bateman, R Murray, H Ohadi, A Xuereb and T Freegarde

CMMC Meeting 2009 (Aarhus, Denmark)

  • Coherent Manipulation of Ultracold Rubidium, M.D. Himsworth, J. Bateman, R. Murray, H. Ohadi, A. Xuereb and T. Freegarde

ICOLS 2007 (Colorado, USA)

  • Adiabatic beam-splitter pulses for atom interferometry, J. Bateman, M.D. Himsworth, S. Patel, R. Murray and T. Freegarde
  • Coherent Manipulation of Atoms, M.D. Himsworth, J. Bateman, S. Patel, R. Murray and T. Freegarde
  • Purely optical methods of molecular cooling, R. Murray, J. Bateman, M.D. Himsworth, T. Freegarde (post deadline)

YAO 2007 (Durham UK)

  • Coherent Manipulation of Atoms, M.D. Himsworth, J Bateman, S. Patel, R. Murray and T. Freegarde.
  • Mirrors and Beamsplitters for Atomic Interferometry, J. Bateman, M.D. Himsworth, S. Patel, R.Murray and T. Freegarde

ICAP 2006 (Innsbruck, Austria)

  • Visible Scale Fringes from Atom Interferometry in a Rubidium Vapour Cell, S. Patel, M.D. Himsworth, J.E. Bateman and T. Freegarde
  • Coherent Manipulation of Momentum, J.E. Bateman, S. Patel, M.D. Himsworth and T. Freegarde.

QuAMP III 2006 (Durham, UK)

  • Coherent Manipulation of Rubidium, Matthew Himsworth, James Bateman, Sunil Patel, Tim Freegarde
  • Coherent Manipulation of Atoms and Molecules (Award winning poster), M.D. Himsworth, S. Patel, J. Bateman and T. Freegarde.

EGAS 2005 (Dublin, Ireland)

  • Coherent Manipulation and Optical Cooling of Molecules, M.D. Himsworth, S. Patel, J. Bateman and T. Freegarde.