Recent manuscripts authored or co-authored by group members on the preprint ArXiv:

R. Muffato, T. Georgescu, J. Homans, T. Guerreiro, Q. Wu, D. Chisholm, M. Carlesso, M. Paternostro, and H. Ulbricht,Generation of classical non-Gaussian distributions by squeezing a thermal state into non-linear motion of levitated optomechanics, arXiv:2401.04066 (2024).

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Published and accepted manuscripts:


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Theses and Reports

Christopher Timberlake Levitated Magnetomechanical and Optomechanical Systems as Ultra-Sensitive Resonators PhD Thesis, Physics, Southampton (08/2020).

Ian Dolby The detection of gravity from small masses MPhys Thesis, Physics, Southampton (05/2020).

Ashley Setter Cooling of a Mesoscopic Single-Particle Harmonic Oscillator using Real-time Digital Control Systems PhD Thesis, Physics, Southampton (12/2019).

George Winstone Potential engineering in levitated optomechanics PhD Thesis, Physics, Southampton (10/2018).

Joe Ford Surface interactions in levitated optomechanics MPhys Thesis, Physics, Southampton (06/2018).

David W. Hempston Force detection in levitated optomechanics PhD Thesis, Physics, Southampton (08/2017).

Jamie Vovrosh Parametric feedback cooling and squeezing of optically levitated particles PhD Thesis, Physics, Southampton (08/2017).

Paul Clark Quantum Optics with Electrons in Graphene PhD Thesis, Physics, Southampton (05/2017).

Jack Morphew Towards an integrated ion trap - cavity system with strong coupling for multiple ions PhD Thesis, Physics, Southampton (07/2016).

Muddassar Rashid Cooling and Squeezing in Levitated Optomechanics PhD Thesis, Physics, Southampton (07/2016).

Ben Stray Imaging Nanoparticles for Interferometry Experiments MPhys Thesis, Physics, Southampton (06/2016).

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