Southampton Physics Colloquia

Forthcoming Colloquia in Physics & Astronomy

The Perilous Practice of Flying and Applying 13 October 2017
    Sqn Ldr Tony Royle Open University

The Hubble Space Telescope: 27 years of cosmic discovery 20 October 2017
    Dr Jennifer Wiseman NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

The Venus Hypothesis 27 October 2017
    Dr Annabel Cartwright University of Cardiff

The Quantification of Personal Risk 3 November 2017
    Dr Frank Duckworth MBE

The Antikythera Mechanism and the Mechanical Universe 10 November 2017
    Prof Mike Edmunds University of Cardiff

Quantum Imaging 17 November 2017
    Dr Pieter Kok University of Sheffield

Weak Lensing as an Accurate Probe of Cosmology and Much More! 24 November 2017
    Prof Henk Hoekstra Leiden University

(TBA) 1 December 2017
     Libby Jackson UK Space Agency

The Science of Ballooning 15 December 2017
    Dr Paul Spellward British Balloon & Airship Club