News and events.


Muddassar is in the news with our recent PRL on precession motion. Well done! See here.


Giulio has started as our theory post-doc. Welcome! Exciting stuff ahead.


Luca has attracted one of the rare researcher positions in Italy and will be moving to Trieste. Congrats and all the best. Many thanks for all the work you did while at Soton. Collaboration will go on.


Marko and Muddassar have moved on and will work at prestigious research institutions at London. Many thanks for all the amazing work you have done while at Southampton. We miss you. Best of luck bros.


Our paper on 'Precession motion in levitated opto-mechanics' was published today in the journal Physical Review Letters, with PRL Editors' suggestion. Congrats to all involved! See here.


Our precession paper has just been accepted for publication at the journal Physical Review Letters. That feels soooo amazing!!


Tiberius has started as a new PhD student in the group and exciting physics experiments ahead. Welcome!


Dr Winstone. Congrats!


Klara, Toby, Peter, and Martin have done great work during their summer projects in the group. Many thanks to all of you for your help with the multiple projects. We are now looking forward to the start of a new PhD student in the group, Tiberius Georgescu. Welcome!


The TEQ project, Andrea, and experiments at Southampton make the cover story of the latest issue of New Scientist. See here.


Joe has very successfully finished his year-in-experimental-physics project with us. Many thanks for all your help with the project. Best of luck for the future. Four talented summer students will work with us over the summer: Klara, Toby, Peter, and Martin. Welcome to the group.


Andrea is interviewed for a Scientific American article on experiments to test wavefunction collapse. See here.


TEQ meeting hosted at Southampton.


Three papers already published this year by group members. All in the journal Phys. Rev. A.


An article about our proposal on detecting the quantumness of gravity (PRL2017) appeared in the QuantaMagazin today, with nice illustrations and experts opinions on the proposed idea for an experimental test. See the article here.


Our EU Horizon2020 FET:Open project TEQ to test quantum mechanics at large scales has started and is in the news. See here a link for the University of Southampton press release.


Luca and Andrea have started in the group. Welcome and exciting physics to study ahead.


There is a press story about our gravity paper just released on News pages of University of Southampton. See here.


Our paper on a proposal to detect the gravity effect to entangle two massive objects as a test of the quantumness of gravity has been published in the journal Physical Review Letters as one of two papers with a Physics Synopsis. See here.


Finally, after more than two years of struggle and hard work, our paper on the torsion balance test of the quantumness of gravity has appeared on the pre-print arXiv today. Many thanks and well done to all involved! See here.


Joe Ford has started to work in the group on his Year in Experimental Physics undergraduate project. Welcome!


Our paper on sensing applications of levitated optomechanics has been accepted for publication in AIP's journal Applied Physics Letters. In this paper we experimentally show the sensitivity of a levitated nanoparticle's centre of mass motion to detect electric fields. See here the ArXiv version of the paper.


Dr Luca Ferialdi has been awarded a Newton International Fellowship by the Royal Society to work with us for two years on Non-Markovian feedback control of Levitated Optomechanics. Very good news!


We have uploaded four new papers on levitated optomechanics and fundamental tests of quantum mechanics to the arXiv in the past two months. See here.


Our paper on Gravitational Decoherence has been accepted as Topical Review by IOP's journal Classical and Quantum Gravity. See here.


Both Jamie and David have passed their PhD vivas. Congratulations!


We share our data analysis codes for levitated optomechanics experiments. Ashley and Markus have generated a library of useful tools. See GITHub link here.


Our review paper on Gravitational Decoherence is finally on the arXiv. See paper here.


Good news today. The project TEQ has been funded by EU Horizon2020 FET-OPEN. We will be working with our European partners on fundamental physics, namely non-interferometric tests of the quantum superposition principle. We very much looking forward to this!


Paul Clark has passed his PhD viva. Congratulations!


Our paper on 'Parametric Feedback Cooling of Levitated Optomechanics in a Parabolic Mirror Trap' has been accepted for publication in an special issue on levitated optomechanics at the OSA journal JOSA B. See paper here.


Marko Toros has started as a post-doc in the group. Our first proper theorist. Looking forward to the great stuff ahead!


COST action QTSpace has been kicked off in Malta. Link to QTSpace webpage here.


Jack Morphew has passed his PhD viva. Congratulations!


Our paper on 'Experimental Realisation of a Thermal Squeezed State of Levitated Optomechanics' has been published in Physical Review Letters with Editor's suggestion as one of the last papers of 2016. See paper here.


Our paper on quantum-limited estimation of CSL has been accepted for publication in Physical Review A.


Chris Timberlake has started his PhD in the group to work on the Leverhulme project. Welcome and looking forward to all the cool experiments to come! Joseph Vovrosh [brother of the famous Jamie Vovrosh] has finished his summer project with us. Many thanks for all your work and excitement.


New paper on the arXiv about 'Experimental Realisation of a Thermal Squeezed State of Levitated Optomechanics'. See paper here. Well done and thanks to all involved!


We are in the News. Discussion on Collapse models, their relevance for foundations of physics and experiments to test collapse by science writer Jon Cartwright in New Scientist. See article here.


Dr Muddassar! Congratulations!!


Our paper ' Effects of Newtonian gravitational self-interaction in harmonically trapped quantum systems' just got accepted for publication at Scientific Reports.


Our paper 'Free Nano-Object Ramsey Interferometry for Large Quantum Superpositions' just got accepted for publication at Physical Review Letters. Well done to all involved!


New paper on the arXive about 'Quantum-limited estimation of continuous spontaneous localization'. See paper here.


We have won a Leverhulme grant to work on a Non-interferometric test of the superposition principle . We will setup a new experiment to trap a single particle in a low-noise environment to hunt for theoretically predicted universal noise. There are one post-doc and two PhD positions available to start in May 2016. Please contact Hendrik if you are interested.


New paper on the arxive about our nanoparticle trapping and cooling experiments. See paper here.


New COST action QTSpace has been approved. See webpage here.


New paper on Ramsey type Matter-wave interferometer proposal is on the arXiv.


Ignacio Wilson-Rae is visiting for two days to discuss some optomechanics.


Our paper on testing semiclassical gravity has been picked up by Sabine Hossenfelder for her blog Backreaction. and at the online forum Slashdot.


Two new papers on the arxive about a possible test of semi-classical gravity. Here is a link to the shorter paper: A. Grossardt, J. Bateman, H. Ulbricht, A. Bassi, Optomechanical test of the Schroedinger-Newton equation, arXiv:1510.01696 (2015).


Muddassar, David and Jamie have been amongst to organise the first ever QLM summer school. . Great event.


George Winstone and Ashley Setter have started their PhDs with us. Welcome. Exciting stuff ahead.


Andre Grosshardt is visiting for a week to discuss possible experimental tests of the SN equation.


Our paper on 'Correlated random walks caused by dynamical wavefunction collapse' has been published in NPG Scientific Reports. Bedingham, D.J. and Ulbricht, H., Sci. Rep. 5, 13380 (2015).


We are involved in organizing a discussion meeting at ICTP, Trieste about non-interferometric tests of the quantum superposition principle to take place on 17th and 18th September 2015. See link.


Joel Collins, a former group member, has been awarded for the best final year MPhys project at Physics Southampton. Also Ali Farzaneh Far, who did a summer project with us last year has been awarded for the best project year abroad. Congratulations to both. Congratulations to both.


James has been offered a Lectureship at Swansea. He will be leaving the group in September. Great news for James. All the best.


We are in the news. Nature News reports on gravitational decoherence in the article by science writer Elizabeth Gibney See link.


Kit Webber a physics undergraduate from the US will work with us over the summer. Welcome.


Two new PhD students will start to work with us in autumn 2015: Ash Setter and George Winstone. Looking forward.


Four of our papers have been published in the first half of 2015. Exciting stories. See our publication page for more details.


Our essay about the quantum superposition principle together with Angelo Bassi and TP Singh has been published as chapter in a Springer book.


We have been involved in organizing the Quantum Field Trip to the Isle of Wight as well as the ZI Quantum Technology Distinguished Lectureship Series at Southampton.


James Bateman is in the news with our story about detection of a new type of Dark Matter by optomechanics. Even interviewed by the BBC.