Want to have a go?

We welcome enquiries from prospective students and researchers at all times. Some details of currently advertised positions can be found below. To find out more, or to enquire about other possibilities (including master's diplomas, vacation jobs, "year in research" MPhys students, etc), contact Matt.

PhD studentships from October 2014

We are currently recruiting PhD students to begin in October 2014. This studentship is currently only available to UK and EU nationals but we expect to be funding more studentships in the coming year. We are initially concentrating on the subjects listed below, but if you find any other aspect of our research interesting we would be delighted to hear from you and discuss possible projects.

  • UHV encapsulation
  • Micro magneto-optical traps
  • Hybrid silicon/glass atom chips
PhD studentships are normally granted to those who have achieved a good 2.1/1.1 in their undergraduate studies, although we are happy to talk to any enthusiastic and inventive applicants.