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Introduction to the Physics of Waves

   ISBN 9780521147163 (paperback)
   ISBN 9780521197571 (hardback)
   Cambridge University Press (2012)

Introduction to the Physics of Waves


Reprints are in many cases available by following the links given; otherwise, please contact us for a copy.

articles in preparation

  • Quantum technologies for classical navigators
       Max Carey and Tim Freegarde
  • Classical theory of mirror-mediated cooling
       André Xuereb, James Bateman and Tim Freegarde


  • Loading and cooling in an optical trap via hyperfine dark states
       D S Naik, H Eneriz-Imaz, M Carey, T Freegarde, F Minardi, B Battelier, P Bouyer and A Bertoldi, Phys Rev Research 2 (1), 013212 (2020)
  • Optimal control of Raman pulse sequences for atom interferometry
       Jack Saywell, Max Carey, Mohammad Belal, Ilya Kuprov and Tim Freegarde, J Phys B 53 (8) 085006 (2020)
  • Bi-selective pulses for large-area atom interferometry
       Jack Saywell, Max Carey, Ilya Kuprov and Tim Freegarde, Phys Rev A 101 063625 (2020)


  • Velocimetry of cold atoms by matterwave interferometry
       Max Carey, Jack Saywell, David Elcock, Mohammad Belal and Tim Freegarde, Phys Rev A 99 023631 (2019)   


  • Optimal control of mirror pulses for cold-atom interferometry
       Jack C Saywell, Ilya Kuprov, David Goodwin, Max Carey and Tim Freegarde Phys Rev A 98 023625 (2018)   
  • Matterwave interferometric velocimetry of cold Rb atoms
       Max Carey, Mohammad Belal, Matthew Himsworth, James Bateman and Tim Freegarde, J Mod Opt 65 (5-6), 657-666 (2018)   




  • Composite pulses for interferometry in a thermal cold atom cloud
       Alex Dunning, Rachel Gregory, James Bateman, Nathan Cooper, Matt Himsworth, Tim Freegarde and Jonathan Jones, Phys Rev A 90, 033608 (2014)   


  • Trapping of 85Rb atoms by optical pumping between metastable hyperfine states
       Nathan Cooper and Tim Freegarde, J. Phys. B 46, 215003 (2013)   
  • A stabilized fiber-optic Mach-Zehnder interferometer for carrier-frequency rejection
       Nathan Cooper, Jonathan Woods, James Bateman, Alexander Dunning and Tim Freegarde, Appl Opt 52, 5713 (2013)   



  • Amplified optomechanics in a unidirectional ring cavity
       André Xuereb, Peter Horak and Tim Freegarde, J Mod Opt 58 1342 (2011)   
  • Efficient optomechanical cooling in one-dimensional interferometers
       Péter Domokos, André Xuereb, Tim Freegarde and Peter Horak, Proc SPIE 7951 79510B (2011)   
  • Cavity cooling of atoms: within and without a cavity
       André Xuereb, Péter Domokos, Peter Horak and Tim Freegarde, Eur Phys J D 65 273 (2011)   




  • Fractional Adiabatic Passage in two-level systems: mirrors and beam-splitters for atomic interferometry
      James Bateman, Tim Freegarde, Phys Rev A 76 013416 (2007)   


  • Coherent amplification in laser cooling and trapping
      Tim Freegarde, Geoff Daniell, Danny Segal, Phys Rev A 73 033409 (2006)   
  • Atom guiding along high order Laguerre-Gaussian light beams formed by spatial light modulation
      D. P. Rhodes, D. M. Gherardi, J. Livesey, D. McGloin, H. Melville, T. Freegarde, K. Dholakia, J Mod Opt 53 547-56 (2006)   




1995 - 2000

PhD theses

  • Towards fabrication of optomechanical actuators by two-photon polymerisation
      Alan Forrester, (2017) (pdf - 12MB)
  • A mode-locked diode laser frequency comb for ultracold atomic physics experiments
      Jonathan Woods, (2016) (pdf - 28MB)
  • Phase and intensity control of lasers for atom interferometry
      Rachel Gregory, (2015) (pdf - 22MB)
  • Novel techniques for the trapping and manipulation of ultracold atoms
      Nathan Cooper, (2014) (pdf - 65MB)
  • Coherent atomic manipulation and cooling using composite optical pulse sequences
      Alex Dunning, (2014) (pdf - 8MB)
  • Coherent two-photon excitation within an extended cloud of Rubidium 85 for the purposes of atomic interferometry and cooling
      Richard Murray, (2011) (pdf - 17MB)
  • Optical cooling using the dipole force
      André Xuereb, (2011) (pdf - 10MB)
  • Coherent manipulation of ultracold rubidium
      Matt Himsworth, (2009) (pdf - 7MB)
  • Novel schemes for the optical manipulation of atoms and molecules
      James Bateman (2009) (pdf - 51MB)
  • A chirped, pulsed laser system and magneto-optical trap for rubidium
      Sunil Patel, (2009) (pdf - 53MB)
  • Spectroscopic applications of pulsed metal vapour lasers
      Tim Freegarde, (1989) (pdf - 53MB)

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